Actors’ Equity Association Celebrates Seventh Annual National Swing Day

Actors’ Equity Association, the national union representing more than 51,000 professional actors and live theater managers, celebrates today, Wednesday, January 19, 2022, its seventh annual Swing Day, honoring hard-working performers who go on stage, sometimes at any time, for several roles.

A swing is an ensemble member who learns multiple parts, or tracks, and is on standby to cover multiple chorus members. Depending on the needs of a production, a swing can continue on any number of tracks, including those written for other genres, ages, or even more than one track at a time. A swing can only learn that it is happening moments before the start of a performance, or even in the middle of a performance. During the pandemic, the availability of stunt doubles, and swings in particular, has sometimes determined whether or not a show will go as planned.

Equity will raise awareness on social media for these actors who remain ready to support the rest of the cast. The union will share the content of the swings, as well as their supporters. Equity is also inviting anyone who has worked as a swing to share their experiences on social media using the hashtags #EquityTeamSwing, #SwingsSaveTheDay or #SwingDay2022.

“Our community has always known that swings are essential to the success of the show,” said jennifer cody, Second Vice President of the Actors’ Equity Association and Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Choral Affairs (ACCA). “In 2022, the public and our employers are discovering the courage and talent needed to be a swing and how crucial they are to our industry. As Hugh Jackman recently said, “Swings are the foundation of a show.”

Andrew B. Reiter