Actors’ Equity Association files grievance against double-breasted employers

The Actors’ Equity Association has opened a grievance against the licensors of the musical Waitress for double-breasting – taking advantage of both union and non-union workers.

When Equity first approached the National Labor Relations Board regarding a vote to syndicate the tour, the producers had scheduled performances through 2023. The production company later informed the NLRB that the show was now only scheduled until June 2022, which would not leave enough time. hold a union vote. Equity in response withdrew its election petition. However, that is not the conclusion of Equity’s work to gain union protection for Waitress workers.

In the process related to the union election, Equity discovered evidence that the licensors had a financial interest in the non-Equity production. This is in violation of the union recognition clause of the equity agreements to which the licensors are party by their membership in the Broadway League.

“It’s obvious that these producers fear the will of their workers,” said Al Vincent, Jr., executive director of the Actors’ Equity Association. “But this problem is much bigger than just one employer… By taking legal action, we intend to tackle this problem at its source.”

“Members of this company have said they want union representation,” said Stefanie Frey, Equity’s director of organizing and mobilization. “And this new path will make things better for them – and for hundreds of other managers and actors who are denied the wages and workplace protections that a union guarantees. When we prevail in this grievance process, and I am confident that we will, these workers will be retroactively placed on equity contracts for the duration of the equity waitress’ employment, and paid in salary and benefits accordingly.

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Andrew B. Reiter