Analysis: Major League Baseball Players Association Seeks to Unionize Minor League Baseball Players

The Major League Baseball Players Association announced that the MLBPA will send the Minor League Players Union authorization cards. The MLBPA is a union that currently represents baseball players on the 40-man roster of all Major League Baseball teams.

Players will sign the card if they are in favor of unionization.

ESPN reported that the MLBPA required at least 30% of minor league players to sign clearance cards to represent minor leaguers.

According ESPN“If a majority of those voting in an election choose union representation, the National Labor Relations Board will require MLB to recognize the union.”

In a press release dated August 29, the MLBPA explained that he fights for MiLB players to have the wages and working conditions they deserve. This would allow the potential unionization of more than 5,000 Minor league players.

This issue is becoming bigger than baseball, with even the Senate Judiciary Committee questioning MLB’s treatment of MiLB players.

“It is reasonable to question the premise that MLB treats minor leaguers fairly… We need to make sure MLB takes the lead when it comes to the fair treatment of players and communities, which is why the Judiciary Committee plans an upcoming hearing on the matter,” U.S. Senate Majority Whip and Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Dick Durbinsaid of MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred’s statement on MiLB players.

Many minor league players don’t believe they make a living wage. The annual salary of a MiLB player is between $4,800 and $14,000, according to a Washington Post article written by minor league pitcher Simon Rosenblum-Larson.

Rosenblum-Larson said he’s seen minor leaguers skipping meals to pay rent. By attempting to unionize, minor league baseball players are making history. Minor leaguers shouldn’t have to skip meals to play the game they love.

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