Association for Corporate Growth Launches New Business Development Report Names Top M&A Professionals to Watch

CHICAGO, April 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ACG – the leading mid-market mergers and acquisitions association – has released its first-ever list of M&A business development professionals to watch in Mid-market growth special edition coming out this month.

The edition lists 90 professionals to watch in three categories: private equity, investment banking and business development.

“This report showcases both business development newcomers and veterans,” said Tom Bohn, President and CEO of the ACG. “The overwhelming number of applicants we received only confirmed that ACG is the ideal place for business development professionals.”

In January, Mid-market growth The publishers asked the M&A community to nominate dealmaking professionals who excel in their role, who are highly respected by partners, and who are doing something new or different to advance the profession.

Graduates work in private equity firms, investment banks and corporations. Altamont Capital Partners, The Riverside Company, Novacap, Guggenheim Securities, Houlihan LokeyLincoln International, Siemens Energy, TaskUs and Terminix are among the companies represented.

“This list reads like a who’s who in business development. These professionals are at the top of their game right now,” said David GershmanChairman of the Board of ACG and Partner and General Counsel of private equity firm Trivest Partners.

The report is sponsored by Grata, a private business intelligence engine for middle market traders.

“Grata is thrilled to participate in this report because we know how critical technology is to the business development profession,” said Nevin Raj, CEO and co-founder of Grata. “I’ve seen how attitudes towards technology have changed when I’ve spoken to CAG members and how it’s becoming more and more important over time.”

The special edition also features content highlighting the evolution of business development, including through the use of technology and data, and increased industry specialization.

Physical copies will be mailed to all CAG members. The full edition is available online at

For more information on the Business Development Report, contact Sue Ter Maat at [email protected] or (847) 772-4354.

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