Association for RWA relaunched after 3 years; main vows “will fight for our rights”

Gurugram: The Federation of Apartment Owners Associations (FAOA), an association of Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs), was relaunched on Sunday after being inactive for the past three years.

Sanjay Lal, the newly elected chairman, said the association will continue to represent and fight for the rights of apartment owners. He further informed that more RWAs will be included in the association, due to a significant increase in the number of apartment associations in the city.

FAOA is a registered body established in 2012 to unite homebuyers and beneficiaries through RWAs and challenge developer hegemony. It ensures that the rights of home buyers are protected.

According to Lal, a meeting of the association’s board members was held and a new group of board members was unanimously elected with a mandate to “revive this organization after a hiatus due to the pandemic. of Covid-19”.

“The city has grown and new apartments have appeared in the areas, which has aggravated most of the problems. Haryana government continues to introduce new laws and amendments, favoring builders, there is no recourse available to home buyers except the federation. We will add more RWAs and strengthen beneficiary unity,” he said.

Lal added that the main purpose of the federation is to unite all RWA apartments in Gurugram and Faridabad, and solve common problems as a unified body.

Association members said the federation is the only representative body actively involved in the implementation of the Central Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Rera) Act 2016. the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs,” Lal informed.

The newly elected governing body of the association includes Lt Gen (Ret’d) SK Bahri as Chairman, Dr (Col) (Ret’d) SC Talwar as Vice-Chairman, Sanjay Lal as Chairman, Ritu Bhariok as Vice President, Navdeep Singh as General Secretary, and Shri Ramamurthy as Treasurer.

Andrew B. Reiter