Biden’s EBSA candidate back on the role

President Biden’s candidate for the head of the Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) appears to be back on track.

While it appeared that Lisa Gomez’s appointment as EBSA’s deputy secretary at the Ministry of Labor was in jeopardy after being included in a list of candidates who would not be carried over to the New Year, the Health Senate , education, work and The Pensions Committee (HELP) now has a January 12 nomination hearing scheduled for her, along with several other candidates.

The Senate HELP committee had just proposed its nomination in early December on a vote close to the 12-10 party line, but the Senate did not act until the year-end recess. Since his appointment has not been postponed, the appointment process will start again, at least at the committee level.

Gomez was first appointed last July and a hearing was convened by the Senate HELP committee in October, but her appointment was reportedly on hold after Republican members wanted to deepen her views on environmental, social and environmental investments. corporate governance.

Gomez is currently a partner at the employment law firm Cohen, Weiss and Simon LLP, representing employer and union pension plans. She joined the firm in 1994, became a partner in 2002 and is currently chair of the firm’s management committee.

This appears to be one of the longest periods in recent memory when EBSA has not had a Senate confirmed candidate for Deputy Secretary. By comparison, Phyllis Borzi under the Obama administration was confirmed in July 2009, while Preston Rutledge under the Trump administration was confirmed in December 2017. Ali Khawar has been EBSA Acting Assistant Secretary since the start of the Biden administration.

Andrew B. Reiter