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In his June 24 Community Voices article, Alex Dominguez promoted the return of the Bakersfield College Alumni Association Hall of Fame on July 7 by welcoming four new inductees. As described, the accomplishments of BC alumni Lou Barbich, Shirley Haney, and NaTesha “T” Johnson are certainly commendable, noteworthy, and deserving of BCAA HoF induction. Congratulations to them!

However, critical comments on social media and other sources by many members of the wider BC community suggest the induction of Kevin McCarthy is controversial. Public educational institutions that honor active politicians running for office risk being accused of partisanship. Critics have suggested that McCarthy’s induction into the BCAA HoF may even be illegal. BCAA’s bylaws through 2020 stated “…and the organization shall not participate in or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.” However, this section was omitted when the 2021 rulebook was revised. McCarthy’s induction at this time may not be legal, but still misguided.

Andrew B. Reiter