CT Schools Association and Labor Coalition Say Air Quality in Schools Needs Major Improvement | Connecticut News

CONNECTICUT. (WFSB) – A coalition of school associations has come together to discuss the need for better air systems in schools.

Educators said they have been asking lawmakers for better air systems for years.

Kaye Dias, president of the Connecticut Education Association (CEA), said, “With the pandemic, we were forced to leave the windows open in 30-degree weather to try and encourage ventilation. These are not learning environments that we can sustain.

During a conference, educators shared their stories of struggles in classrooms that were too hot, too cold and poorly ventilated.

Connecticut Public School Superintendents Association (CAPSS) executive director Fran Rabinowitz said, “While I was superintendent I actually had to let the kids go home for half a day because that the teaching and learning conditions were just atrocious.

Educators said local taxes cannot support major changes and federal ESSER funds are scattered elsewhere.

Michelle Embree Ku, President of the Newtown Education Council, said: “These are city wide projects that require years of planning and investment and I am afraid that without state support and of the federal government, there are disparities “.

The CEA said it was asking its teachers about their working conditions.

Dias said: “97% said this was their main problem. They are the most concerned about indoor air quality. “

Andrew B. Reiter