Educators recommend candidates and ballot initiatives

California educators endorsed pro-public education candidates in four key races in June’s primary election and took a stand on seven ballot initiatives aimed at voters in November, after a vote by the CTA State Council of Education last weekend.

More than 600 democratically elected educators from across the state went through the CTA member recommendation process, before voting to support the following candidates:

Ken CooleyAssembly District 7
Matt HaneyAssembly District 17
Eric SwalwellCongressional District 13
Ro KhannaCongressional District 17

“We are proud to announce educator support for these applicants who share our values ​​of providing California students with the equitable, quality public education they need and deserve,” said CTA President E. Toby Boyd. “Educators follow a thorough, democratic, and member-driven recommendation process because of the impact the work of elected officials has on teaching and learning. These are often tough decisions, but based on a candidate’s proven commitment to standing with students and educators.

The CTA State Council also took the following positions on the November ballot measures:

Art and music in schools – Support
Living Wage Act – Support
Reduction of plastic waste – Support
Stop Big Tobacco Referendum – Support
Online and mobile sports betting – To oppose
Pandemic alert system – To oppose
Clean Cars and Air Act – To oppose

“Educators have taken a stand on ballot measures that reflect our values,” Boyd said. “We urge Californians to join us in supporting the positions of these candidates and educators in the upcoming election.”

For more information on the Educator-Recommended Candidates, visit the Election 2022 homepage on

Andrew B. Reiter