EU-Georgia Association Agreement consumer protection bill first passed in parliament

A draft consumer protection law stipulated by the association agreement signed between the European Union and Georgia passed its first hearing in the Georgian parliament on Tuesday.

Consumer contract warranties, liability, warranty terms, repercussions of breach of service responsibilities and more are included in the bill, which further “establishes rules to prohibit unfair trade practices that violate the values ​​of trust and good faith,” the country’s legislative body said.

Maka Bochorishvili, Chair of the European Integration Committee of the Georgian Parliament, noted that the law would establish the main principles of consumer protection.

The Association Agreement between Georgia and the European Union stipulates commitments, which include the regulation of consumer policy at the legislative level […] The introduction of European standards for consumer protection is important for the process of the country’s integration into the EU,” Bochorishvili said.

In June 2014, the EU and Georgia signed the Association Agreement which included a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area, which liberalizes trade in goods and services between the EU and Georgia.

The agreement deepened the country’s political and economic ties with the EU under the Eastern Partnership, launched in 2009 and bringing together six Eastern European countries, including Georgia.

Andrew B. Reiter