Eurefas – European Refurbishment Association announces new members and release of first views on Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP) at Mobile World Congress 2022

Barcelona, ​​March 2, 2022

The association meets and announces during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) its expansion and shares its points of view on the Green Deal and the action plan for the circular economy, while committing to a European label on refurbished products.

Eurefas welcomes 5 new members, to know Exchange, AfB Group, FixFirst, Rebuy and Remarketedonce again expanding its scope of countries represented within the association.

Philipp Gattner, CEO of rebuy says: “In order to drastically reduce the exploitation of our planet, we must rethink the consumption of our resources. Unfortunately, this is still happening far too slowly at the political level. Therefore, we are proud to announce that we are now an active member of EUREFAS to give the renovation industry a stronger voice at European level.

More circular economy and resource conservation through IT renovation – these are the guiding principles of the AfB social & green IT and EUREFAS. So we are really looking forward to being part of this network, meeting like-minded companies and bringing our experience of 17 years of IT refurbishment to five European countries.”, Daniel Büchle, Managing Director of AfB (non-profit limited company)

70% of all emissions are associated with the manufacture and use of products – by accelerating refurbishment and right to repair, we are laying the foundation for a circular economy essential to achieving our climate goals», declares Sébastien Daus, Co-founder and CEO of FixFirst

“Sustainability and circularity being core values ​​of Remarketed and EUREFAS, we are proud to join the European Refurbishment Association. As part of this group of leading renovation companies, Remarketed looks forward to working on proposing legislative change to make Europe more sustainable, circular and eco-friendly,” concludes Jeroen. Frank Poelsma from Remarketed

The Association now brings together members from 12 countries thanks to the involvement of 16 innovative companies. According to the Commission, a circular economy such as renovation can actually create more than 700,000 jobs in Europe by 2030.

These arrivals follow the recent publication of First Eurefas position paper outlining how renovation can support the Green Deal and the Circular Economy Action Plan. This article presents a set of possibilities to facilitate the development of renovation, Accompany and support rehabilitation initiatives by promoting collection channels and respecting the waste treatment hierarchy, for Give customers a right to repair. In general, Eurefas aims to facilitate access to reconditioning and to encourage individuals to return their used products. In this action plan, the role of public campaigns and authorities is crucial, and with its new members, Eurefas wishes to facilitate a global coordination to achieve the Green Deal and the CEAP.

In this desire to facilitate and facilitate the recognition and development of renovation at European level, Eurefas is currently working on a new quality label and will soon publish a Pledge whose main objective will be to structure the Refurbishment market and the quality of its products. This initiative aims to save consumer interests and promote virtuous products. Eurefas aims to deliver this new Quality Label by 2023 with the help of its internal members as well as seasoned external experts.

Eurefas continues its momentum and enters a promising period filled with innovative projects and novelties for the renovation market and its members, to continue to make the economy more circular in Europe.


The European Refurbishment Association (EUREFAS) aims to represent the IT refurbishment sector, in particular smartphones, including leading companies operating in the technology, buy-back, refurbishment and sale of high-end devices. used technology. The main mission of the association is to build a circular economy and to defend and promote the interests of the sector throughout the European Union. Eurefas is driven by sustainability values ​​and aims to play an important role in creating a greener world. More information on

Eurefas has signed the transparency register of the European institutions under the number: 332404341982-26 and thus undertakes to fully respect its code of conduct while committing itself to EU officials.

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