FIGSOSA Alumni Speak on the Power of the Association at the 40th Reunion

The 1977-1982 Fiditi Grammar School Old Student Association (FIGSOSA) ensemble celebrated their 40th anniversary reunion to remember history with jokes, smiles and prayers for those who left the world among them.

According to the Ensembles Chairman, Mr. Adekunle Solomon Olugbade, the annual program was designed “to bring souls together, recount the good old days of brotherly or brotherly unconditional love and celebrate the wrinkles, baldness and gray hair that have marked our journey. ”

Speaking further, he said the essence of an alumni association such as FIGSOSA “is to recognize, honor and celebrate those who have achieved political, professional or material status in life as well as those who were once our childhood friends but are unable to reach certain heights in life.

While he maintained that “fingers are not equal and life has been good for some than for others, he charged his friends not to allow” these accomplishments to kill the spirit of camaraderie that we once shared in our classrooms and hostels back then as young people. when we are unaware of what life has in store for us, especially in the future we are living now.

He noted that childhood memories are the priceless treasures of all alma maters, as school life is the raw and innocent stage of life before schoolmates are all treated and possessed.

“No one in this world is rich enough to redeem their own childhood or youth. Only friends could help recreate those moments once in a while at no cost,” he said.


As he emphasized the power of association in life, he backed it up with a quote from Shakespare saying, “New friends may be poems, but old friends are alphabets. Don’t forget the alphabets, as you will need them to read the poems.

He congratulated the reunion sub-committee, chaired by Mr. Akinwumi Olatunbosun for their efforts to make this day a reality and all the distinguished former comrades who contributed ideas, money and advice to make event a huge success.

He encouraged his classmates not to trade the kindred spirit they all shared for anything, adding that “we have all demonstrated that integrity is a main thing in friendship, hence the results we are capable of achieving in love”.

The Principal of the school, Mrs. RA Adeyemo earlier in her welcoming remarks said that the alumni of the school have contributed immensely to the growth and development of the school.

Highlighting some of their contribution, Ms Adeyemo said: “When I took over as headmaster of the school, the national body of the association took up the challenge of security by employing three guards for the school and all of 1967 renovated solar energy system which facilitated the teaching of computer science in school.

“The 1974 set donated 100 plastic chairs, 17 tables and a sound system, while the 1971/75 sets tiled the two home economics rooms and employed a home economics teacher to help the one on the ground.”

Andrew B. Reiter