Governor Hochul Announces 5-Year Labor Agreement with Public Employees Association

Governor Kathy Hochul announced today that her administration has entered into a contractual agreement with the Civil Service Employees Association, CSEA, for a 5-year term through April 1, 2026. The agreement is subject to the membership ratification of the union, which includes more than 52,000 new York State employees in a wide variety of roles.

“This agreement is a win-win for CSEA members and New York State,” Governor Hochul said. “I applaud the leadership of CSEA for its efforts to bring this agreement to fruition, and I am grateful to the hard-working men and women at CSEA who, throughout the pandemic, have continued to provide essential services to New -Yorkers. This agreement recognizes the importance and value of this work to the people of our great state.”

CSEA President Mary E. Sullivan said: “This tentative agreement recognizes the dedicated members of the CSEA who have kept this state going throughout the COVID pandemic and continue to do so every day. I would especially like to acknowledge and thank the CSEA bargaining team. They have worked tirelessly to ensure our members get a deal that recognizes their worth.”

CSEA represents more than 52,000 New York State employees in four bargaining units. This contractual agreement must be ratified by the grassroots members of the CSEA.

Andrew B. Reiter