Hellenic Cypriot Cultural Association Shares 3 Free eBooks

The advent of eBooks has made it easier than ever to carry an entire library with you wherever you go. While there’s nothing like the feel of a real book, turning page after page, engrossed in the story, e-books can be a quick and easy way to read virtually any book from the convenience of an app on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. E-readers are also available and may offer some advantages over reading on your phone, such as anti-glare features for reading at the beach or by the pool.

The Hellenic Cypriot Cultural Association (HCCA), a non-profit organization based in Thessaloniki, recently announced three free e-books available on its website. The books are Sto Perivoli tis Poiesis (In the Garden of Poetry) by Dr Gerasimos Tzivras, To Alithino Tigraki / The Real Little Tiger by Kika Pulcheriou and Mia Zoi Orthopetalia by Giorgos Roukas.

Sto Perivoli tis Poiesis by Dr Gerasimos Tzivras. Photo: Hellenic Cypriot Cultural Association

Dr. Tzivras, a surgeon from Kefalonia, shows great attention to detail in his thought-provoking poems and dedicated the collection to his late parents. The book includes greetings from HCCA President Sissy Sigioultzi-Rouka and an introduction by Dr Iosif S. Iosifidis, President of the Union of Cyprus Writers and Vice President of HCCA. The book is available online: https://bit.ly/3nDeZkN.

Award-winning Cypriot writer and educator Kika Pulcheriou has been honored by the HCCA in 2021 with the Literary Prize for her Collected Works, alongside Hellenic poet Antonis Fostieris. Pulcheriou’s Real Tiger Cub, available in a free bilingual Greek-English edition, translated by Dr. Iosif S. Iosifidis, is an educational children’s book that teaches valuable lessons to young people. Read the e-book online anytime: https://bit.ly/3Ic63wj.

To Alithino Tigraki / The real little tiger by Kika Pulcheriou. Photo: Hellenic Cypriot Cultural Association

Mia Zoi Orthopetalia by Giorgos Roukas follows the hero’s struggles from 1942 to 2002 and brings the story of that time to life. The word orthopetalia refers to cycling, when the cyclist rides upright on the bike, but metaphorically it refers to a step in the right direction. The book is available here : https://bit.ly/3yeKeax.

Founded in 2019, HCCA was created to create an infrastructure and organization with action plans at the service of universal Hellenic culture, common to Greece and Cyprus, to support literary and artistic creativity, language, tradition and the sciences that enrich culture. Many collaborators, writers, artists, scientists, inside and outside Greece, responded enthusiastically, creating a network of more than 60 contributors in 22 countries.

The vision of HCCA is the promotion of the unified Hellenic culture created by Greeks, Cypriots and the Diaspora, individually or collectively with institutions, as well as their awareness and participation in its preservation and enrichment, as well as its further development in the EU and internationally. HCCA considers the support of culture (letters, arts, language, etc.) as an asset and a basis for spiritual development, for as many Greeks and Cypriots as possible, in order to preserve the original principles and values .

Mia Zoi Orthopetalia by Giorgos Roukas Photo: Hellenic Cypriot Cultural Association

The organization’s mission is to create an exemplary cultural identity with effective infrastructure, connections, action plans to develop programs and relationships to achieve the vision in many areas such as artistic and literary creativity, l universality of Hellenic culture, language, memory and tradition, and related sciences.

More information is available online: https://association-culturelle.org.

It should be noted that the deadline has been extended to July 20 for the 5th Prose Poetry and Reflections Competition, titled “I will never forget you Ionia, O Smyrna always a pearl”, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – General Secretariat of Hellenism. Foreign and public diplomacy in collaboration with HCCA. More details are available online: https://bit.ly/3NCYvnm.

Andrew B. Reiter