InDepthNH’s Paula Tracy and other journalists to be honored by NH Press Association

On Thursday, June 9, the New Hampshire Press Association will honor senior reporter Paula Tracy with the Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Since 2018, Paula has covered the State House, the Governor’s Office, the Executive Council, and written about important topics New Hampshirens need to know for Her love of New Hampshire extends to her, in the Out and About column, where she “helps us find those lesser-known places to get a socially distanced breath of fresh air.” Prior to joining, Paula was a senior reporter for the union leader for over 25 years before joining WMUR. We congratulate the NH Press Association for honoring an accomplished professional journalist and a truly kind person. Paula joins 2019 NHPA Lifetime Achievement winners Nancy West and veteran journalist Garry Rayno in 2020.

At the awards dinner on June 9, the finalists will find out if they placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Finalists writing for include:

  • Garry Rayno and Paula Tracy for their report on “Staying Healthy Amid COVID-19”
  • Garry Rayno and Paula Tracy for Government Reports
  • Garry Rayno for Journalist of the Year
  • Nancy West for the First Amendment Award for “The Battle for the Laurie List of Rogue Cops”
  • Terry Farish’s story, “Everyone has a story.”
  • Column by Michael Davidow, Radio Free New Hampshire
  • Chronicle of George Liset, Writing on the Fly
  • Wayne King Podcast, New Hampshire Secrets, Legends, and Lore
  • Podcast by Roger Wood, Golden Voice by Roger Wood is a nonprofit news website published by the New Hampshire Center for Public Interest Journalism. Nancy West is the editor. The mission of believes that vigorous and thorough media coverage focused on government and public officials is the foundation of a thriving democracy.

This story was originally posted by In depth NH.

Andrew B. Reiter