Israel Medical Association helps torture Palestinian, rights group says – Middle East Monitor

Physicians for Human Rights filed a complaint with the International Medical Syndicate against the Israel Medical Association, claiming that it systematically denies and subjugates the right to health and security of Palestinians.

The four main issues detailed in the complaint include the compromising of the safety of Palestinian medical personnel during Israeli raids as well as the right of Palestinian patients to receive health care.

It also lists the role of doctors witnessing the torture of Palestinians at the hands of Israel’s Shin Bet intelligence agency.

The NGO adds that the Israel Medical Association has ignored testimonies presented to it about Gazan children sent out of the Gaza Strip for treatment without their parents.

The complaint is composed of credible evidence from local and international bodies that the Israel Medical Association has repeatedly failed in its duty to protect Palestinians’ right to health due to Israeli military aggression.

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He says: “Based on the field data we have collected, we conclude that the Israel Medical Association is complicit in these ethical failings and gross human rights abuses, and even, in some cases, gives clear support.”

“So, for example, in response to reports submitted to the Israel Medical Association regarding the Israeli police storming of the French hospital in Jerusalem during the funeral of Al-Jazeera correspondent Shireen Abu Akleh, the Head of the Israel Medical Association, Professor Zion Hagai, declined to report the incident, solely because it occurred in a Palestinian hospital.”

Israeli soldiers attacked Abu Akleh’s funeral procession as it left the French hospital in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

Physicians for Human Rights called on the International Medical Syndicate to assume its responsibilities and implement practical measures to ensure that the Israel Medical Association adheres to the values ​​and principles established by the international medical community.

Jay Shalev, Managing Director of Physicians for Human Rights, said: “There are examples around the world, like in Turkey for example, where the local doctors’ union is at the forefront of the fight against human rights abuses of man. to hear, unfortunately, the voice of the Medical Association in Israel, almost absolutely, because the union does nothing against the crimes of occupation and apartheid that have lasted for decades.”

At the time of publication, the Israel Medical Association had not responded to MEMO request for comment.

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