Keeping Our Promise – Consumer Brands Association

Two years ago, the Grocery Manufacturers Association was relaunched as Consumer Brands. It was more than a new name and a new logo. It was a start.

We then promised to build a new type of professional association, a pro-consumer and pro-growth association. We promised to focus our program on issues that would unite the industry and that our members could be proud to support. And we promise to be relentless industry champions.

Fast forward to now and we are delivering on our promises and therefore expanding our ranks. Today we announced the addition of eight major consumer packaged goods companies to our roster of members for 2022: Bayer; blue diamond producers; Bumble Bee Seafood; Edgewell Personal Care; Glanbia Performance Nutrition; J&J Snack Foods, Corp. ; McCall Farms; and Smithfield Foods.

These eight new companies plus those that joined last year contributed to a 35% increase in membership, giving our organization the privilege of representing 2,000 brands committed to moving the industry forward together.

It’s growth we don’t take for granted. Before we reorganized the organization, most of Washington and even companies in our own industry were ready to declare the association dead. Members were leaving en masse, staff morale was low, and we were in debt from lower dues and a lawsuit in Washington State. We were down, but not out.

Consumer Brands has worked to improve the member value proposition by focusing on key goals: developing relationships and becoming a trusted resource for Capitol Hill and the White House; shaping the advocacy landscape by communicating industry dynamics and the economic environment; and engage CPG leaders in peer-to-peer exchanges on critical topics to share advice and learnings.

Our work is not finished. Our continued success depends not only on what we have done, but also on what we will do. We can take a moment today to appreciate the work that has been done to build the organization this essential industry deserves. But only for a moment – because we must remain the rambling, creative and hungry team that beat all odds if we are to continue to be worthy of the industry we serve.

Andrew B. Reiter