Leadership elected by the American Dairy Association Dairy Promotion Program Boards of Directors North East, Pennsylvania

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Audrey Donahoe of Clayville, NY was re-elected to serve a second year as President of the American Dairy Association North East, and Jeff Raney of Adamsville, Pennsylvania was re-elected as President of the Pennsylvania Dairy Promotion Program, for the fifth year. , during the annual meeting of the associations’ board of directors on March 30, 2022.

Pennsylvania’s dairy promotion program is managed by ADA North East, and Raney will continue as Donahoe’s senior vice president.

“The dairy levy was initiated by farmers and is led by farmers who represent all dairy farms,” ​​said Rick Naczi, CEO of ADA North East. “Our payment leadership remains committed to actively reaching consumers with progressive, quality programs to increase sales and confidence in dairy products.”

“I’m excited to continue what we started in my first year as president,” Donahoe said. “We’re restoring the importance of dairy to people’s minds and diets through creative virtual educational programs and retail marketing, to name a few.”

A longtime advocate for dairy promotion, Donahoe has served on the ADA North East Board of Directors for 21 years. She is also president of the National Dairy Council which is funded by the National Dairy Levy to provide scientific research and education on the nutritional and health benefits of dairy products.

Raney served the Pennsylvania Dairy Promotion Program for 13 years. As Senior Vice President of ADA North East, he will continue to work closely with Donahoe to deliver levy programs to benefit the entire six-state area.

Raney added: “Now that consumers – especially Gen Z – are so in tune with responsibly and sustainably produced foods and products, it has become a real priority to share dairy farmers’ commitment to environmental responsibility.”

Five board members voluntarily resigned from the board in order to meet the 30-member limit, voted on by board members when the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council merged with the Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association in 2016.

Together, they have dedicated 65 years of service to the dairy levy. They are: Jerrel Heatwole of Greenwood, Del., 27; Kelli Morgan of Union Springs, NY, age seven; Peggy Murray from Copenhagen, NY, 10; Sandy Stauffer, Nicholville, NY, 18; and Cyndy Van Lieshout of Albion, NY, age three.

“We thank these dairy farmers for helping to guide the dairy levy in the North East in thoughtful, practical and innovative ways to drive market demand and sales for milk and dairy products,” Naczi said. “Their insight and dedication to the dairy industry and dairy promotion have proven invaluable over the years and their leadership will be sorely missed.”

American Dairy Association Northeast Leaders:

President – Audrey Donahoe, Clayville, NY

First Vice President – Jeff Raney, Adamsville, NY

Second Vice President – Kris Brock, Schaghticoke, NY

Secretary – Barb Hanselmen, Bloomville, NY

Treasurer – Dina Zug, Mifflintown, Pennsylvania.

ADA Northeast Executive Committee

George Andrew, Newark, NY

Skip Hardie, Groton, NY

Marilyn Hershey, Cochranville, Pennsylvania.

Tim Kurtz, Elverson, Pennsylvania.

Lolly Lesher, Bernville, Pennsylvania.

Elaine Noble, Gillett, Pa.

Eric Zuber, Byron, NY

Agents of the Pennsylvania Dairy Promotion Program:

President – Jeff Raney, Adamsville, Pennsylvania.

First Vice President – Louie Diamond, Masontown, Pennsylvania.

Second Vice President – Bruce Bartley, Cogan Station, Pennsylvania.

Secretary – Marie Canon, West Middlesex, Pennsylvania.

Assistant Secretary – Elaine Noble, Gillett, Pa.

Treasurer – Lolly Lesher, Bernville, Pennsylvania.

Assistant Treasurer – Rita Kennedy, Valencia, Pennsylvania.

Finance and Audit Committee – Zane Garber, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and Doug Harbach, Loganton, Pennsylvania.

Representatives on the board of directors of the ADA Nord-Est – Jeff Raney, Louie Diamond and Lolly Lesher

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