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Yes, what you say is absolutely true. But why? I pondered the answer for a while. Having personally dealt with mass leftists during the Tea Party, I have firsthand knowledge of their mentality and behavior. For the most part, they have abandoned independent thought and reflection – which requires concerted effort – to simply accept the spoon-fed propaganda offered to them by the Progressive Socialist leadership. Many in the group are weak-willed and extremely conformist sheep, who desperately want to belong and are mortally afraid of being ostracized. So they move on, not always believing in “the cause”.
However, they are good at repeating the tired, mundane and misguided BS talking points that are conveyed via text messages and social media. They are also good at using violence against anyone who disagrees with them: “the enemy”.

On the other hand, those on the right are the champions of individualism, the search for truth and fair play. We are the “good guys”, who are “better than that”. Admirable qualities, to be sure, but they also work against you when dealing with a cohesive, well-organized and centralized group.
ruthlessly determined mob with an “end justifies the means” mindset. We would rather engage in debate than fight you into submission. They are quite the opposite.

So there you have it, in simplistic terms. When things don’t go the way the left demands, they call for radical action, even if it means destroying longstanding political traditions. Our team wants to “play by the rules” and respect those traditions. It is not always apathy or docility that explains the lack of sharp action on the far right. Given our values ​​and innate nature, we are not as organized and driven around a singular ideology as the left.

Well, for what it’s worth, that’s my take on the situation. I’ll end by saying that our side has a tipping point, and it’s getting closer. Kind of like the silent child who gets bullied once too often and suddenly explodes with a ferocity no one expected. Take care of yourself, my brother.

Andrew B. Reiter