Lierman to lead Nebraska Pork Producers Association

Jared Lierman of Beemer, Nebraska was elected president of the Nebraska Pork Producers Association at a meeting of directors held Feb. 24 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln East Campus Union. President-Elect Mark Wright and Vice President Connor Livingston join Lierman on the NPPA leadership team. Wright is the Coordinator/Assistant Manager of Animal Handling and Welfare at Wiechman Pig Company, located in Fremont. Livingston is Director of Plant Sites and Operations for Fairbury-based Livingston Enterprise.

Nebraska Pork Producers Association

Lierman is a third-generation farmer and owner of 3L Farms, a wean-to-finish operation. Prior to becoming director of the NPPA, he participated in the Swine Mentorship Program. For the past 23 years, the program has provided young adults with the opportunity to explore the components of the pork industry in depth, identify their future career goals, and become stronger advocates for agriculture.

First elected to the NPPA Board of Directors in 2018, Lierman was placed on the officer rotation as Vice President in 2020. He traveled to Washington, D.C. to participate in the conference of legislative action by the National Pork Producers Council. LAC is a biannual program that features NPPC staff and hog industry representatives educating producers on outstanding and emerging issues facing the U.S. hog industry. Individual state delegates are encouraged to continue the dialogue by engaging with the Nebraska Congressional delegation in face-to-face meetings and aggressively advocating for pork producers.

As a member of a farming community where pig farms operate, Lierman is aware that these farmers make an important contribution to the local community., donate their time and energy to support community organizations and strive to be good neighbors to those who live nearby. As president of the NPPA, Lierman says he “would like to extend opportunities for independent producers, developing options for those interested in becoming pork producers, and pushing the conversation to update UNL facilities to facilitate modern and relevant pork research.

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Andrew B. Reiter