Loudoun Education Association is pushing for a vote on collective bargaining

The Loudoun Education Association is hoping for a big show of support ahead of today’s school board meeting as it continues its push to secure collective bargaining rights following a vote by its teacher membership , counselors, psychologists and other certified district employees. .

The organization is planning a car rally of its members in the parking lot of the Schools Administration Building in Broadlands at 5.00pm. during the meeting.

Last month, the LEA submitted documentation of the members’ vote to the school board formally requesting collective bargaining rights. The board has up to 120 days to decide whether to move forward with negotiations, but is not required to do so.

“Contract negotiations are a win for everyone in our schools,” said LEA Chairman Sandy Sullivan. “Students, communities and educators all benefit because we will have a meaningful process to identify and address issues, and we can leverage the expertise of educators who work with our children every day. »

The budget passed by the school division for fiscal year 2022 includes $2 million and the creation of 12 positions to support a collective bargaining program if the school board decides to launch it. Last year’s General Assembly authorized localities, effective May 1, to enter into collective bargaining with employee unions if they so choose.

Loudoun County government employees are also beginning the organizing process, led by SEIU 512.

Andrew B. Reiter