Mark Hedrich will be inducted into the National Association of Conservation Districts Hall of Distinction

The Knox-Lincoln SWCD Board of Supervisors and staff, along with the Maine Association of Conservation Districts (MACD) Executive Committee announced that Mark Hedrich, of Agricola Farms, Union, has been accepted by the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) to enter their Hall of Distinction in 2022.

Hedrich’s service and contributions span local, state and national conservation. His volunteer leadership as chair of the Knox-Lincoln Soil and Water Conservation District for several decades – 36 years of continuous service – impacted the region by identifying and addressing natural resource priorities. , highlighting and helping to address resource issues unique to the region, as well as supporting education and outreach to inform local landowners of available services, funding opportunities, and issues important to landowners of all levels ; from recent landowners to beginning farmers to owners/managers of various farms.

When not farming in Union or assisting Knox-Lincoln SWCD or MACD, Hedrich can be found at the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry as a forest management specialist. Nutrients, where he helps growers plan nutrient management, solar grazing efforts, irrigation, and compost. statewide management.

In addition, Hedrich’s knowledge of agricultural operations, resources, permit requirements, and soil health provides important information and recommendations for creating and updating information resources – published materials, brochures and guides to best management practices – provide the farming community with vital material throughout the state.

As an expert in carcass composting, Hedrich has also helped to help the farming community on a national level. He is a USDA Recognized Compost Expert. As such, Hedrich was deployed in 2018 to North Carolina to help poultry operations recover from Hurricane Florence, where he worked directly with farmers to oversee poultry (broiler) losses by the composting.

“His expertise and willingness to deploy is important during these types of catastrophic events to ensure sustainability and on-site safety during devastating animal losses,” said the Knox-Lincoln Soil and Water Conservation District, in A press release.

A member of the executive committee of the Maine Association of Conservation Districts, Hedrich makes recommendations and offers advice to advance the profile and public awareness of soil and water conservation districts.

“With long-term awareness of conservation methods, common-sense decision-making and skills that provide wide-ranging assistance, Mark Hedrich deserves more than recognition from the National Association of Conservation Districts Hall of Distinction,” said KL SWCD.

The induction ceremony will take place at the annual meeting of the National Association of Conservation Districts in February 2022.

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Andrew B. Reiter