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PARKERSBURG — A major trade association on Friday endorsed a Republican primary candidate for West Virginia’s new 2nd congressional district.

The West Virginia Oil and Gas Association used the backdrop of the Parkersburg Oil and Gas Museum to announce its endorsement of U.S. Representative David McKinley.

McKinley, a professional engineer, knows the importance of home energy to the economy, West Virginia jobs and national security, said Charlie Burd, executive director of the Oil and Gas Association.

“McKinley is an engineer and businessman who understands the important role home energy plays in growing our state and creating jobs for the hard-working people of West Virginia,” Burd said.

McKinley was grateful.

“Thank you Charlie” he said.

Five Republicans are running in the primary for the new 2nd District: Susan Buchser-Lochocki of Morgantown; Rhonda A. Hercules of Wheeling, Alexander X. Mooney of Charles Town, Mike Seckman of West Union and McKinley.

The leading candidates are McKinley and Mooney, the U.S. Representative for the current 2nd District of West Virginia. Districts 1 and 2 were combined for the new 2nd District in the 2021 redistricting due to population decline.

Early voting in the primary ends Saturday and election day is Tuesday.

McKinley believes the primary election has become a race between him and former President Donald Trump, who endorsed Mooney because McKinley voted to create a bipartisan House committee to investigate the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol by Trump supporters to disrupt the law. certification of electoral college votes.

“Essentially, I’m running against Donald Trump,” McKinley said.

But McKinley, a West Virginia native, points to endorsements from key West Virginia organizations, including the Oil and Gas Association and the Chamber of Commerce, Sen. Joe Manchin and Gov. Jim Justice.

“All the people who are centered in West Virginia”, McKinley said.

McKinley is “a true ally and friend of long standing”, Burd said.

He is with the House Energy and Commerce and is the senior member of the Environment Sub-Committee.

“A steadfast advocate for home energy production, Congressman McKinley introduced legislation and resolutions supporting American energy innovation and security, bills that would make a difference here in West Virginia and across the country. ‘America”, Burd said. “We need strong leaders in Washington who will champion responsible natural gas and oil development in West Virginia.”

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