MLB and Players’ Association meet again with roughly 36 hours before CBA expires: sources

The Major League Baseball Players Association presented the MLB with a proposal Tuesday morning in Texas ahead of the impending expiration of the league and union’s collective agreement, sources said. athleticism Evan Drellich. People familiar with the meeting said team owners were not happy with the presentation of the players.

MLB is expected to respond to the union on Tuesday and the parties may meet again later today. But all the signs point to a work stoppage. The league’s collective agreement with players is set to expire at 11:59 p.m. ET on Wednesday. On Thursday, the league is expected to lock down players and shut down offseason activities until a new collective agreement is signed.

Commissioner Rob Manfred told a press conference on November 18 that the owners were “focused on getting a deal done by December 1”.

Although both sides have expressed a desire for a new deal before the current deal expires, the proposals did not come quickly. The players made their first round of basic economic proposals in April and May. The MLB responded with a basic economic proposal in August. At the end of October, the players responded with a proposal very similar to the first. MLB then made a revised proposal on one area of ​​basic economics, the reserve system, in which it proposed to use Wins Above Replacement as a means of determining player wages instead of the referee system. current.

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(Photo: Bob Levey / Getty Images)

Andrew B. Reiter