National Education Association member admits reporting blackboard review

(Mike Blake/Reuters)

An executive with the National Education Association has admitted flagging the Chalkboard Review, a heterodox education-focused publication, on Twitter, leading to his suspension on Thursday.

In a since-deleted tweet, Emilie McKiernan Blanton, a member of the Jefferson County Teachers Association in Kentucky and NEA Board Member for Region III, according to her Twitter account, admitted to reporting the publication’s account to Twitter.

Tony Kinnett and Daniel Buck, the co-founders of Chalkboard Review, had speculated that the abrupt suspension was linked to a October letter from NEA President Becky Pringle urging social media companies to crack down on opponents of Critical Race Theory (CRT). The publication’s website offers a CRT “toolkit” that naysayers can refer to.

The Chalkboard Review’s account was reinstated on Friday, while several of its employees remain suspended.

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Andrew B. Reiter