New England Waterworks Association.

New England Waterworks Association.

Attending the March 13 meeting of the New England Waterworks Association held in Boston were: Members—SA Agnew, JM Anderson, CH Baldwin, AF Ballou, LM Bancroft, FA Barbour, GW Batchelder, FD Berry, AE Blackmer, EC Brooks, GA Carpenter, EJ Chadbourne, JC Chase, JH Child, MF Collins, GT Evans, John Doyle, ER Dyer, ED Eldridge, JW Ellis, AN French, FL Fuller, ML Fuller, AS Glover, Clarence Goldsmith, FH Gunther, RA Hale , FE Hall, MF Hicks. HC Ives, WS Johnson, Willard Kent, FC Kimball, GA Stacy, Morris Knowles, CF Knowlton, IA Mclnnes, NA McMillen, AE Martin, John Mayo, FE Merrill, HA Miller, William Naylor, FL Northrop, TA Peirce, JJ Prindiville , WH Richards, LC Robinson, AL Sawyer, CW Saxe, GA Stacy, WF Sullivan, JL Tighe, EJ Titcomb, WH Vaughn, RS Weston, Elbert Wheeler, William Wheeler, l 1. Winslow, GE Winslow, FE Winsor, HV Maccksey .

Associates—Darling Pump and Manufacturing Company (Limited) by HH Davis; Clauber Brass Manufacturing Company, by SS Freeman; Hersey Manufacturing Company by Albert S. Glover and WA Hersey; Lead Lined Iron Pipe Co., by TE Dwyer; Ludlow Valve Manufacturing Company, by HF Gould; Muller. H. Manufacturing Company, by GA Caldwell; National Meter Company by CH Baldwin; JG Lufkin; Neptune Meter Company by HH Kinsey and RD Wertz; Norwood Engineering Company by CE Childs; Pratt & Cady Co., by CE Pratt; Platt Iron Works Company by FH Hayes; Rensselaer Valve Company by FS Bates and CL Brown; AP Smith Mfg. Co., by FL Northrop; Thomson Meter Co., by EM Shedd; Union Water Meter Co., by FE Hall; Waterworks Equipment Co., by WH VanWinkle; Henry R. Worthington by Samuel Harrison.

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Andrew B. Reiter