Official launch of the International Association of Fresh Products

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The International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) – the global trade association representing all fresh produce and flower supply chains and the union of the former Produce Marketing Association (PMA) and United Fresh – has officially been launched. IFPA is now the largest industry association representing interests, individuals and organizations across the global supply chain, of all sizes and specialties.

The association is also positioned to serve as a resource and partner for media, policy makers and change leaders who are invested in the solutions industry has the power to provide, the organization said.


“The challenges we face today span the entire consumption continuum, from food insecurity on one side to food waste on the other,” said IFPA co-CEO Cathy Burns, in a press release. “From changing climate models to changing geopolitical environments, we understand that the stakes have never been higher, not only for the livelihoods of our industry, but for the world. The fresh produce industry offers solutions to almost all of the world’s major health and economic challenges, and we look forward to welcoming more people to join our efforts.

IFPA is a new association formed under the leadership of the two previous major fresh produce and flower associations – United Fresh Produce Association, based in Washington, DC, and PMA of Newark, Del. – and not just a combination of the two entities. “IFPA is transformational,” said the newly launched organization.

The IFPA will be used to advocate for fresh produce supply chains nationally and globally through government advocacy and leadership, particularly in the North American market. The association will also continue to develop connections within industry and between industry and the world for the best results of both, added IFPA. It further aims to guide the industry and its partners through the IFPA team and volunteer leaders.

“Our association is not only for our members, but it is also driven by the committed leadership of our volunteer leaders,” said IFPA Co-CEO Tom Stenzel. “We were delighted to receive over 1,000 volunteer applications from across the industry, a sign of support for our association, but also an indication of the enthusiasm and urgency our industry feels about the role we are playing. must play in today’s global environment. We exist to create a vibrant future, not just for our industry, but for everyone. “

The association will be led by Burns and Stenzel, with a team of experts from food safety and technology to retail and engagement. In addition, the association will be guided by volunteer industry leaders on the board and executive committee.

The IFPA Executive Committee is chaired by IFPA President Bruce Taylor, CEO of Taylor Farms. Laura Himes, divisional merchandise manager for products at Walmart, is president-elect and Patrick Vizzone, food, beverage and agribusiness manager at ANZ Banking, is secretary-treasurer.

Past Presidents are United Fresh President Danny Dumas, President of Courchesne Larose USA Inc., and PMA President Dwight Ferguson, President and CEO of the California Agricultural Leadership Foundation. Martha Hilton, Vice President of Products and Floral Merchandising for Wegmans Food Markets, is the inaugural President of the IFPA Foundation.


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Andrew B. Reiter