Santa Fe Association of Realtors Moves From MLS to CoreLogic Technology | Business

The Santa Fe Real Estate Association has partnered with global provider of real estate data and analytics-based solutions CoreLogic to deliver Local Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, technology.

SFAR and CoreLogic entered into a four-year agreement on November 23. Data transfer has already started from the existing Black Knight Paragon MLS portal that SFAR has been using for nine years, but CoreLogic won’t be operational until June, said Roger, president of SFAR. Carson said.

The change will elevate the Santa Fe MLS to “cutting edge technology,” with buyers and brokers able to get information much faster, he said.

“If you want to see a house now, it takes five steps,” Carson said. “With the CoreLogic app, there will be a step. We can do all of our communications through the app on the phone.

The CoreLogic platform suite purchased by SFAR includes the CoreLogic Matrix list management platform and the OneHome virtual collaboration portal. OneHome is the app used by homebuyers and brokers to communicate, and the Matrix is ​​where homebuyers will see real estate listings, Carson said.

“A big part of the problem we have is that the data is old; people say, “That was on hold three days ago,” Carson said. “In a hot market today, you have to know the market live. This user experience [with Matrix] is going to be revolutionary. Speed ​​is off the charts.

Other CoreLogic products acquired by SFAR are the CoreLogic Realist Real Estate Analysis Platform, CoreLogic Trestle Real Estate Data Marketplace, Secure Access to CoreLogic SafeMLS Real Estate, and AnswerLink technical support.

Andrew B. Reiter