St. Vincent Hospital CEO Carolyn Jackson Massachusetts Nurses Association Union

St. Vincent Hospital on Tuesday posted 49 more jobs to permanently replace the striking nurses, bringing the total to 102 available replacement nurses.

“We are grateful for the number of nurses who apply for positions that meet their ideal schedules and who are looking to continue or start their careers with us at St. Vincent Hospital,” said Carolyn Jackson, CEO of the St. Vincent Hospital, in a press release. “While we hope for a resolution with the bargaining committee (of the Massachusetts Nurses Union), we are taking the necessary steps to ensure that our hospital remains safe and operational.”

Saint-Vincent leaders and nurses remain deadlocked after more than two months, with concerns over staffing levels unresolved despite recent rounds of negotiations.

This left the hospital dependent on temporary nurses to replace the roughly 700 striking nurses, which Jackson said was “Not sustainable in the long term”.

Last week, the hospital announced that he would start hiring permanent replacement nurses to fill the positions of those on the picket line, posting 53 openings. Nurses on the picket line said the assignments made them feel “stronger” and more purposeful.

NAM spokesman David Schildmeier on Tuesday said the posts were “objectionable”.

“It is reprehensible that they are publishing them, but there is no way they will be provided,” Schildmeier said. “This is just a cynical ploy and it’s going to hit her in the face … it’s time to get back to the table and restore the reputation of St. Vincent Hospital that Carolyn Jackson has done her best to. destroy.”

The hospital said it had started selecting candidates and planned to start making offers on Wednesday.

Andrew B. Reiter