Taxi association distances itself from beating incident captured on video

By Elesha George

[email protected]

Taxi associations are dissenting from a recent incident that saw a passenger car driver charged with a medical student’s battery.

Nicholas Paul Andrew, 67, was seen beating Mahesh Indraganti, who is a medical student at the American University of Antigua (AUA), in a widely circulated video that has now made regional headlines.

“We would have done our investigation and the person in question is not a taxi driver,” said Ian Joseph, president of United Taxi Company.

Joseph said the incident had created “bad publicity” for the institution, noting that the news had reached international clients.

“We have already received communications from abroad because of this incident,” he said.

Police say the incident took place at Breeze Point Apartment in Langfords on February 17, 2022.

The allegations are that Andrew beat Indraganti with a nail-encrusted club for unpaid taxi fare. There are also rumors that there was a heated argument between the two before it got physical.

In the video, Indraganti can be heard saying “who the *expletive* do you think you are? I can end your life now”.

The driver then swings a nail-encrusted stick at the student as he too swears at the student.

“Behave your *swear words* behave!” the attacker repeated several times while swinging the stick.

At one point, Andrew knocks the student’s phone out of his hand. Indraganti then reappears in the video showing multiple cuts to both hands, claiming the incident happened above “EC$25”.

The Public Transport Union should send out a press release about this.

Andrew B. Reiter