Teachers’ Association salutes 28 additions to Distinguished Teachers’ Wall of Honor |

JONESBORO — The Arkansas State University Faculty Association recognized 28 individuals, whose names were selected to appear on the Distinguished Faculty Wall of Honor, at the Faculty Conference of fall Wednesday in the Centennial Hall of the Reng Student Union.

Recognition of Distinguished Professors began during the university’s centennial celebration in 2009–2010, when the faculty association selected the “First 100 Distinguished Professors”.

Through a faculty committee nomination process, the association selects retired faculty who have made significant, long-term contributions to the success of Arkansas State. A second group of 31 was selected and recognized in 2014; the selection of the current group has been delayed by the pandemic.

“As President of the Faculty Association, it has been a pleasure to work with the Historical Committee to receive nominations from each college for the Distinguished Faculty Awards,” said Donna Caldwell, Associate Professor of Medical Imaging and radiation sciences and president of the Faculty Association. “This is the highest honor given to faculty by Arkansas State University and the Faculty Association. I am honored to be part of honoring and recognizing these 28 incredible key faculty members.

Dr. John D. Hall, chairman of the faculty association’s historical committee, cited former history professor Lee A. Dew’s book, The ASU Story: A History of Arkansas State University 1909-1967, as source of a line reproduced on the Wall of Honor: “The most vital part of any college is the faculty, for without qualified and competent faculty no college can function effectively.” The Wall of Honor is in front of the Centennial Hall.

“These 28 retired faculty members who were recently nominated by their colleagues and selected by the executive committee of the faculty association in accordance with the bylaws of the faculty association represent a most distinguished group of qualified and capable faculty.” , Hall added. “These professors, like those selected before them for this high honor, have advanced their departments, colleges, universities and disciplines in exemplary fashion.”

Here are the 28 newly appointed Distinguished Professors:

Thomas M. Adams, Ed.D., Professor of Exercise Science, 1981-2016

Neale K. Bartee, Ph.D., music teacher, 1973-2014

Sandra K. Bevill, Ph.D., Professor of Corporate Communication, 1991-2021

Lew E. Brinkley, Ph.D., professor of agricultural economics, 1969-2005

David W. Cox, Ed.D., Professor of Instructional Leadership, 1992-2014

Carole L. Cramer, Ph.D., Professor of Molecular Biology, 2004-2018

William R. Crumpton, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Agricultural Engineering, 1980-2006

Robert D. Engelken, Ph.D., Professor of Electrical Engineering, 1982-2016

David E. England, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Political Science, 1988-2006

Richard K. Freer, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Social Work, 1994-2014

Anne A. Grippo, Ph.D., professor of biology, 1995-2021

Julie J. Isaacson, MSN, Associate Professor of Nursing, 1987-2016

Craig H. Jones, Ed.D., professor of psychology and counseling, 1977-2017

James Howard Keene, Ph.D., professor of animal science, 1964-1995

Coy N. London, Ph.D., associate professor of accounting, 1970-1996

Gregory B. Meeks, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Teacher Education, 2003-2018

Richard A. Neeley, Ph.D., Professor of Communication Disorders, 1987-2018

William C. Payne, MS, Associate Professor of Microbiology, 1988-2019

Jeffrey R. Pittman, JD, Professor of Business Law, 1983-2021

Daniel F. Ross, DMA, music teacher, 1973-2018

Robert F. Rossa, Ph.D., professor of mathematics, 1969-2004

Ralph Ruby Jr., Ed.D., professor of computer science and technology, 1979-2020

Pat S. Shackelford, Ph.D., associate professor of agricultural engineering, 1976-1998

Russell E. Shain, Ph.D., professor of journalism, 1990-2010

Robert P. Smith, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics, 1969-2008

Curtis E. Steele, MFA, Professor of Graphic Design, 1978-2017

Dennis W. White, Ph.D., associate professor of voice communication, 1974-2007

Raymond F. Winters, MS, Associate Professor of Radiological Sciences, 1995-2018

Nameplates, with each individual’s academic title and years of service, are added to the wall of recognition for the public to view.

Andrew B. Reiter