The Actors’ Equity Association Calls SCOTUS Roe’s Decision “A Catastrophic Step Backward”

The Actors’ Equity Association released the following statement in response to news that the United States Supreme Court has issued a decision repealing Roe V. Wade:

“Knowing that this decision was likely imminent did not make this news any less painful. This is a catastrophic setback for human rights in this country. Equity once again affirms that abortion is a necessary and often life-saving medical procedure that requires safe, legal and free access.

“Equity’s thoughts are with our members, knowing that populations already marginalized by society will suffer the most from this decision, and that the anti-abortion movement particularly targets groups like women and LGBTQ+ Americans. is not the time to mourn, but the time to act The union is committed to doing everything in its power to serve its members, including helping them access abortion care.

“So much of the future is uncertain, as some states have already put in place legislation that not only criminalizes abortion, but even prohibits the provision of access-related abortion care. Reproductive care is a work issue, and a safe and hygienic workplace is not possible without the right to bodily autonomy. We are determined to find ways to protect our members, many of whom travel the country for a living. , or who live or work in states that are about to become much more dangerous for people with reproductive needs, including connecting them with all available resources that will help them obtain abortions when they will need it.

“We also know that this fight will not end with abortion. We will lend our voice to the important work already underway to protect access to abortion, and we remain committed to fighting legislation that seeks to take advantage of of this decision and to further infringe upon human rights in the United States.”

Andrew B. Reiter