The association is committed to protecting the interests of university students

The National Association of University Students on Saturday in Keffi, Nasarawa State reiterated its commitment to safeguarding the academic interest and personal welfare of students in Nigerian universities.

Mr. Aliyu Maigoro, the newly elected Chairman of the Campus Supervisory Committee, Nasarawa State Chapter, gave the assurance in his acceptance speech after emerging as the winner of the association’s first elective congress .

Maigoro also pledged to work hard to ensure that Nigerian universities act in ways that promote the academic interests and welfare of students.

“I firmly believe that student well-being is essential to achieving academic excellence.

“Therefore, it is imperative and crucial that students choose capable, workaholic people who understand their interests and are committed to protecting them,” he said.

He unveiled a plan to ensure strong synergy and collaboration with the Student Union Government (SUG) Presidents from all universities.

Maigoro said he would work with the school administration to ensure campus restaurants sell food that represents the diversity of student campuses.

“I think it’s fair that the food sold on campus caters to everyone. We will work in partnership with business development centers to ensure that students take advantage of the skills available to land their dream jobs.

“I will also work in partnership with all class representatives and school officials to address any challenges that affect the academic interests and well-being of students on campus.

“We will also ensure that all union programs focus on promoting a culture of equality, diversity and inclusion,” he said.

Maigoro expressed his thanks to all the delegates who traveled from their universities and campuses to vote against all odds.

“Democratic expression was the most important meaning of this election and we have strong majority support.

“We will build on this to consolidate the leadership of the struggle to end the strike of the University Academic Staff Union (ASUU).

“I promise to make the expectations of the large student body a reality as a matter of the highest priority.

“I will perform my duties effectively and efficiently in accordance with the constitution of our Noble organization,” he added. )

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