The Association of Professional Women’s Hockey Players launches its own league

PWHPA’s demand for a tangible plan for sustainable and professional salaries was a sticking point in talks with PHFPWHPA

The Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association is “going its own way” by launching a six-team league based in Canada and the United States from January 23 until April, according to Sportsnet’s Jeff Marek. There will be a “minimum salary of $55,000″ plus benefits and a 32-game schedule. Marek added: “Look for a new brand image. This thing will not be called the PWHPA. ” (“HNIC,” Sportsnet, 4/16). Ian Kennedy of THE HOCKEY NEWS wrote that the PWHPA was founded as a players association to represent the interests of athletes. When an official league begins, a new name will “provide a unique entity to the organization.” A sticking point in discussions between the PWHPA and the Premier Hockey Federation “continued to be the PWHPA’s demand for a tangible plan for sustainable and professional salaries”. While the PHF said this year that teams “will now have a salary cap of $750,000, no salary floor has been announced and no league minimum salary has been established.” This means that many league players “could still receive salaries unable to support athletes in competition as professionals without needing another job”. Another reason the PWHPA chose not to sue with the PHF is President John Boynton’s “Russian ties.” Boynton has been “the main financial backer of PHF and several league franchises, but sits as chairman of the Russian company Yandex” (, 4/17).

Andrew B. Reiter