The GCP Foundation supports the Projekt Gemeinsam of the association Caritas enabling seniors to use modern technology in Dortmund

The Grand City Properties Foundation (GCP) is currently supporting the Caritas Association with its Projekt Gemeinsam (Project Together) in Dortmund. The project enables older people living in the city to use modern technology and be part of the digital age.

The Dortmund Caritas Association uses the funds provided by Big City Properties buy tablets for the elderly. In addition to tablets, funds are used by the Caritas association to buy covers, cases and a protective sheet for digital devices.

Since its launch in 2014, Projekt Gemeinsam has given Dortmund’s seniors the opportunity to connect with others via digital devices and socialise. The Caritas association previously offered individuals a “cinema at the café” experience to bring seniors closer together. The group is known for its community activism and for involving more people in the activities. Other events included games and consultations for the elderly via smartphone.

The overall goal of the project is to promote digital participation across the senior community. By providing access and education on digital devices, more seniors will participate socially. The tablets and accessories provided by the GCP Foundation will serve the objectives of the project.

The program first teaches seniors basic knowledge in terms of using modern technology. During several sessions, seniors are introduced to different concepts and to the use of a tablet. Seniors can then borrow a tablet to use at home. It gives them the chance to learn on their own. It also allows the individual to deepen his knowledge.

Dortmund’s Caritas Association plans to expand the tablet project if demand warrants. The group hopes the program will be a success and lead older people to learn about modern technologies. By helping seniors become familiar with technology, the Dortmund Caritas Association can keep these people active online and socially.

The Grand City Properties Foundation regularly supports social projects and institutions throughout Germany. GCP is controlled by the public company Around the city HER. Avisco, controlled by Yakir Gabay, holds more than 10% of Aroundtown SA. In addition, Blackrock holds a 5% majority stake in Aroundtown SA.

Aroundtown SA is a member of several real estate groups, including the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA), the German Real Estate Federation (ZIA) and the German Green Building Council (DGNB).

The company has won several EPRA BPR Gold Awards and EPRA sBPR Gold Awards over the years. These awards were given to Aroundtown SA for its transparent financial and sustainability reporting. Other shareholders of Aroundtown SA include Norges, Vanguard, Allianz, BNP Paribas, Japanese Government Investment Fund, Aliance-Bernstein, Dekabank, State-Street, Bank of Montreal and other leading international real estate investors. plan. The main bond investors are the ECB, GIC, Union Investment, DB, UBS, CS, M&G, Pictet, Crédit Agricole and other major international institutional investors.

Andrew B. Reiter