the majority of F&B operators heed the government’s discouragement of eating in

A The local restaurant association says most restaurants have heeded the government’s call to discourage customers from dining out.

Aeson Lei, president of the Macau Catering Industry Association, said residents mainly use online food platforms, which have had little impact on the business of restaurants that only offer takeout.

However, the restaurants hit hard by the restrictions are mostly Chinese restaurants with regular customers.

Yesterday the general manager ordered all entertainment venues to close and catering services to cease.

This edict was much clearer than Sunday’s announcement, which simply stated that restaurants were encouraged to provide takeout only, which confused some residents.

Sunday’s announcement followed news that 12 cases of coronavirus had been recorded, a figure which has now risen to 110.

In a report by Lusa, food delivery company Mfood has already reported an increase of up to 20% in the number of delivery orders placed since Sunday. A further increase is expected given the new decree.

The order will remain in place until the chief executive decides to lift the ban.

Lam Man Chi, representing the General Union of Macau Neighborhood Associations, told a TDM forum that supplies are not sufficient in closed areas, expressing concern that food is not being distributed properly to each household.

Lam expressed hope that the government will do better by making practical arrangements and providing more support to vulnerable groups. PERSONAL JOURNALIST

Andrew B. Reiter