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NEW YORK, NY, April 7, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The New York Young Elite Association (NYYEA) held a fundraiser for New York State gubernatorial candidate and Congressman Tom Suozzi at the Penn Club on March 30. More than 50 participants from the political, business and academic sectors gathered and discussed with Suozzi his opinions and ideas on political and social issues.

Suozzi thanked those present and stressed that he would improve issues such as public safety, taxes and education.

“My biggest number one problem is making people feel safe in New York,” Suozzi said, to immediate and thunderous applause from the audience.

Suozzi was elected Congressman for New York’s 3rd District in 2016. He previously served as Mayor of Glen Cove, New York, in 1993 and was elected as Nassau County Executive in 2001, a position previously held by the Republicans for 30 years.

During his tenure as Nassau County executive — which is larger than 11 states and has the 12th-largest police department in the nation — he had the lowest crime rate of any community with more than 500 000 people. Current New York City Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell was a police officer promoted by Suozzi while serving with the Nassau County Police Department.

Suozzi also turned down New York Mayor Eric Adams to become his deputy mayor.

“I’m not going to be your deputy mayor,” Suozzi said. “I’m running for governor…I can do more to help you as governor than I can be than as your deputy mayor.”

Suozzi also said he was ready to work with everyone, regardless of their political affiliation. He also pointed out that the recently passed infrastructure bill was due to bipartisan efforts, a belief he strongly defends. He also supports lowering taxes.

“I will always be a common-sense democrat,” Suozzi said. “I’ll work with anybody. I’ll work with Democrats or Republicans, and I’ll work with progressives, I’ll work with moderates, I’ll work with conservatives, I’ll work with anybody.

“I will not give up my values, but I will work with anyone to solve problems that will surely help people.”

NYYEA President John JD Liu said the current downward trend in public safety and hate crimes against the Asian community is a priority for immediate attention. Liu also said he would support Suozzi’s bid for governor, which would also benefit the general interest of the local Chinese community.

About the New York Youth Elite Association (NYYEA):

NYYEA is a non-profit organization that seeks to bring together and serve as a platform for young elites in various sectors and fields. It aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas, consolidate resources and, in turn, increase the positive impact that the group can achieve collectively.

Some of the attendees include NYYEA members John JD Liu, Eva Cai, Chrissy Ding, and Ivy Wu; Suozzi’s running mate for Lieutenant Governor Diana Reyna; former New England Patriots executive vice president Charles Sullivan; Kayla Rockefeller of the Rockefeller family; Brooklyn community leaders Rosita Pei and Susan Weng; Lina Li and Janet C. Salazar of FSUN; James Liu, honorary president of the New York Chinese Business Association; James Newman of Elite Prep Academy; and Faith Group CEO Young Liu.


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