The Odisha Drivers’ Association holds a protest demonstration against various demands

Hundreds of Odisha Drivers’ Association members demonstrated in Bhubaneswar on Monday demanding the immediate implementation of their various demands including a fixed salary and pension.

Traffic came to a screeching halt in some areas as drivers from several sectors under the umbrella of the Odisha Drivers Association held massive rallies and converged on Master Canteen Square from all districts of Odisha. State.

Demands include a law for the protection of drivers, a fixed salary, compensation of Rs 20 lakh to their families in case of death, insurance cover for injuries, pension and toilets every 100 km on the highways national and national.

With flags and banners in their hands and slogans on their lips, the drivers alleged the government was dithering on the issue even after the union held a rally in the capital last year and submitted a memorandum to it.

A delegation held a meeting with the government at Loka Seba Bhavan, following which Transport Minister Padmanabha Behera announced that a committee would be formed to consider their demands.

The team will travel to various states to review the measures taken for the drivers and submit a report based on which the necessary measures will be taken within three months, he said.

“Appropriate action could not be taken so far due to rural and municipal polls,” Behera told reporters.

A union leader said the agitation would be withdrawn, hoping the government would respond to his demands in time.

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Andrew B. Reiter