The Ukrainian association of Parsippany compiles ways to help

PARSIPPANY, NJ – The Ukrainian National Association based in Parsippany generally focuses on life insurance products. But since the Russian government invaded, the organization has stepped in to help Ukrainians.

The Ukrainian National Association condemned the Russian invasion.

“For more than 125 years, the UNA has promoted unity, democratic ideals, and the principles of benevolence and charity among the Ukrainian diaspora in the United States of America and Canada,” the association said. written thursday. “As a fraternal association, we have served our members, immigrants from Ukraine who have survived two world wars and several political and economic crises.

“But the world is now facing a security and humanitarian crisis, and soon there will be millions of refugees whose families have been torn apart and who have left everything behind as they fled their homelands.”

The UNA was founded in 1894, when the first wave of Ukrainian immigrants came to the United States to work in the coal mines of Pennsylvania, according to the the association’s website. It all started as a small fraternal union formed to provide benefits to families with loved ones claimed in mining accidents. The UNA has since grown into a large fraternal and civic organization, with branches across the United States and Canada.

Andrew B. Reiter