UEFA opened a case against the Ukrainian Football Association: the song “Putin hu*lo” is to blame for everything

UEFA opened a case against the Ukrainian Football Association: the song "Poutine hu*lo" is responsible for everything

UEFA has opened a case against the Ukrainian Football Association/UFU

UEFA has opened disciplinary proceedings against the Ukrainian Football Association. The union said it had carried out an investigation due to the behavior of Ukrainian fans during the European Futsal Championship match between Ukraine and Russia.

The details of the investigation will appear later

At the beginning of February, UEFA announced that it had appointed an ethics and disciplinary inspector. The reason for UEFA’s decision was the songs “Putin khu*lo” and “Who does not ride that Moscovite”, which Ukrainian fans sang during the match at Euro 2022.

“Following an investigation by the UEFA Ethics and Disciplinary Inspector into reports of incidents that likely took place during the 2022 UEFA Futsal Championship semi-final between Ukraine and Russia, which took place on February 4, 2022 in the Netherlands, against Ukraine. The association has opened disciplinary proceedings for a possible breach of UEFA’s disciplinary regulations by supporters,” read a statement on the UEFA website.

UEFA said details of the investigation will emerge later. It is not yet known what punishment awaits the UAF.

Ukrainian fans lit up during the game against Russia

  • Fans of the Ukrainian national futsal team supported the team in the Euro 2022 semi-finals match against Russia. Ukrainians sang “Who does not ride this Muscovite” and “Putin ho * lo”.
  • As a result, during the match, the announcer in Ukrainian asked fans not to use obscene language.
  • At the same time in Russia, during the broadcast, they turned on the internoise on television so that their dictator did not accidentally hear insulting remarks addressed to him.
  • Ukraine unfortunately lost to the Russians with a score of 3:2. The Ukrainians lost a penalty late in the game.
  • Les Bleus-Jaunes lost against Spain in the match for the bronze medals. The champions were the Portuguese, who beat Russia in the final.

Andrew B. Reiter