Union Minister Parshottam Rupala at the AJAI launch event

Many prominent figures from the agriculture industry were present at the physical event while several guests joined via Zoom Meeting.

Agricultural Journalists Association of India, AJAI unveiled its logo and website today at its headquarters in Green Park, New Delhi. The event was in hybrid mode, where Union Fisheries, Livestock and Dairy Minister, Government of India, Parshottam Rupala revealed the AJAI logo, and Lena Johansson, President of the International Federation of Journalists (IFAJ) has launched the AJAI website.

After presenting the logo, Roupala appreciated the initiative to organize AJAI in his speech saying that AJAI is an innovative step which should have been introduced earlier. He praised the AJAI member committee and agricultural journalists and thanked them for providing a platform for farmers. He mentioned that agriculture is the culture of India and agricultural journalists who report directly from the fields are doing a commendable job.

Talking about his longtime dream come true, MC Dominica said, “I have always believed that agriculture is the backbone of our Indian economy. That said, it is equally significant and quite apparent that the sector is plagued by many problems that escape the authorities concerned. Undoubtedly, the Indian agricultural sector urgently needs proper attention from the media to not only address the issues of the farming community but also deliver them directly to the tables of the decision-making authorities. Unfortunately, the nation does not have a dedicated media journalists association that works solely for the agricultural sector. This is where “Association of Agricultural Journalists of India (AJAI)”, our committed initiative, comes in to fill the void. A dozen times I have encountered a very common complaint from farmers – their voice does not reach those in power, those in authority who could bring about change in the industry. This is why AJAI was created with the aim that we should take responsibility for making the voice of farmers heard and responding to their demands as agricultural journalists. After all, at least as human beings, we have a long-standing obligation to the hands that nurture us.

Congratulating MC Dominic and the members of AJAI on the launch of the logo and website, Johansson said: “When my organization IFAJ was created in the 1950s, it was sort of the result of the second world war. The Europeans were starving. Agriculture needed to be improved to produce more, but to manage this, farmers need appropriate and relevant information. So a group of agricultural journalists came together to network and support each other. The IFAJ now has 60 member countries. Our members embrace freedom of the press. We offer agricultural journalists and communicators a platform for professional development and international networking. India has a long history of democracy and freedom of the press. It is also a very important agricultural country so it would be interesting if we could soon strengthen our network with Indian colleagues through IFAG. We look forward to a fruitful connection with AJAI. I wish you good luck for future endeavours.

Many prominent figures from the agriculture industry were present at the physical event while several guests joined via Zoom Meeting, including:

  • AK Singh, DDG Extension, ICAR

  • Adalberto Rossi, Secretary General, FIJA

  • Dr SK Malhotra, Project Manager – DKMA, ICAR

  • JP Mishra OSD (Policy Planning & Partnership) & ADG (IR), ICAR

  • Adrian Bell, Treasurer, FIJA

  • BR Kamboj, VC, CCS Haryana Agriculture University, Hisar

  • V Praveen Rao, VC, PJ Telangana State Agricultural University, Hyderabad

  • Krishna Kumar, VC, RPCAU, Pusa, Samastipur, Bihar

  • DR AK Karnataka, VC, Uttarakhand University of Agriculture

  • Dr RS Kureel, VC, MGUHF, Chhattisgarh

  • Prabha Shankar Shukla, VC, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong

  • Hugh Maynard, Global Director, FIJA

  • Choudhary Mohammad Iqbal, Director of Agriculture, Uttar Pradesh

  • Soraj Singh, Former Director of Agriculture, Uttar Pradesh

  • S Bhattacharjee, Former Managing Director, NERAMAC Ltd. Govt. from India

  • Ismail Ugural, President, TGAJ

  • Kanwal Singh Chauhan, Padma Shri Scholar, Progressive Farmer

  • Anand Tripathi, Former JDA Office, Ministry of Agriculture, Uttar Pradesh

  • VV Sadamate, former adviser to the Agricultural Planning Commission

  • Kalyan Goswami, CEO, ACFI

  • Sanjeeb Mukherjee, Commercial Standard

About Indian Association of Agricultural Journalists:

AJAI is a national organization founded by MC Dominic which strives to promote the highest standards among agricultural journalism, including writers, broadcasters and photographers, who have made careers in agriculture, dairy farming, horticulture, fishing, floriculture, food production or, in general, anything related to the agricultural sector.

MC Dominic, who acts as the company’s president, founded AJAI. AJAI is a one-stop destination for all topics related to agri-journalism. By planning seminars, presentations, workshops and events for its members and providing opportunities to interact with industry figures, the organization seeks to bring the agricultural sector together.

First published: July 21, 2022, 05:41 IST

Andrew B. Reiter