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In quantum mechanics, a “parallel universe” imagines another one next to ours – but undetectable. This is what we seem to see in “misinformation” today. Follow me. It’s weirder than it sounds.

On one side we have Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and just about anyone with a social media account creating “misinformation”, or false facts and narratives to make advancing their ugly cause, feeding these stories from abroad to naïve news consumers in the United States.

Competing knots, codes and narratives, many of which mutually fertilize the divisive, Communist Marxist and anti-freedom angle, are becoming more common, with countless attempts repeated daily. Readers should, of course, be warned. Fortunately, Americans are gradually becoming more numerous.

back in Voice of America days we vigorously broadcast in Eastern Europe – not lies, but the value and promise of freedom, equality, individual liberties, the Bill of Rights, the chance to speak, to revere, to defend, to win, to live and to remain free, avoiding repression. We pushed the idea of ​​freedom, the benefits of representative democracy, self-determination, human rights and the American quality of life.

In this round – call it “round one” – we prevailed. The Soviet Union fell, Eastern Europe soon after, and the power of self-determination and individual freedom spread like wildfire. Then we found out that the Soviet beast had a brother in communist China and was not dead, Mr. Gorbachev being a remnant of the KGB.

What we have seen recently is the coordination of “disinformation” campaigns by Russia, China and others, taking the idea of ​​spreading rumors and false stories to a new level, effectively awakening an idea hatched by Stalin in 1923 – pushing the accelerator of “disinformation” upright, turning heads.

All this is something more known, but here is the real “parallel universe.” If you go to the State Department website, you see references to “disinformation” – how Biden’s team handles “truth” and against international lies.

Referring to our adversaries, Biden’s team says, “Disinformation is one of the Kremlin’s biggest and most powerful weapons. Russia has operationalized the concept of perpetual adversarial competition in the information environment by encouraging the development of disinformation and propaganda ecosystem. This ecosystem creates and spreads false narratives to advance strategically the political objectives of the Kremlin. There is no forbidden subject to this fire hose of lies.

They add: “The truth disarms Russia’s weapons of disinformation. The Kremlin creates and disseminates disinformation with the aim of confusing and overwhelming people… Disinformation is a quick and relatively cheap way to destabilize societies and set the stage for possible military action.

To the state’s credit, they note that “Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials as well as the state media regularly amplify Kremlin propaganda, conspiracy theories, and disinformation.” Yes, they do.

But pause. Consider something else – a parallel universe. What would happen if the Biden team – albeit unconstitutional – used these same “disinformation” techniques, but turned inward?

What if, instead of the words “Kremlin” and “Russia”, we replace “Democratic Party” above? Reread the passages above — written by the Biden administration — but replace the word “Democratic Party” with “Kremlin” and “Russia.” Then ask yourself, does this sound oddly familiar to you?

Consider an “alternate universe” closer to home. Consider the new organization within Homeland Security called the “Disinformation Governance Council” – headed by a Democratic Party operative who undermined the 2020 Hunter Biden laptop story, potentially influencing 2020, Everything is Now True .

At no time before have we had a “misinformation board”, alongside the outside descriptions of Stalin’s 1923 board if you read the story again. While Biden is do not Stalin, any government to any time may conclude that controlling information is in its interest. That’s why we have a first amendment.

Already, this “misinformation board” — and similar efforts to limit speech — infuriates most Americans, including some liberals (like Jeff Bezos) who see a canary in the coal mine, or a crocodile crawling over it, on anyone who believes in freedom of expression. , free markets and freedom in general.

In short, what we can do to our adversaries, by nominating how they reach us, can be reversed, co-opted by political forces with overtly political, even malignant, aims inside the country. The potential is serious.

These forces may be private or public, but when a “disinformation board” appears within the federal government, it is worth asking: is it a hungry black hole, aiming to swallow the truth? Is there an alternate universe of “misinformation” growing – or does anyone want it to grow – nearby?

The answer is honestly elusive but concerning. The existence of this body is curious, disturbing, accompanied by a certain presentiment. The US government should not have any alternate universe of “misinformation” – no disinformation board looking inward, analyzing, disapproving, censoring or “governing” the truth. So beware of the “parallel universe” – it could be dangerous, not just in quantum mechanics.

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Andrew B. Reiter